Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Bassrael represent

Tuesday check!
I think that everyone in Bonn making art in a special way should represent each other, if it´s music, paintings, films, skateboards or stuff like this. So i represented "Fucca" and "JXN Longboards" some time ago, today i will introduce you to my friend "Bassrael" a dubstep dj and producer from bonn.

Next time you can see him:
24.11. - Bar Ludwig, Bonn (Live-Set w/ DARIUS DAREK)
30.11. - Bar Ludwig, Bonn
06.12. - Bar Ludwig, Bonn
08.12. - Bar Ludwig, Bonn (w/ DARIUS DAREK)
20.12. - PVC, Düsseldorf
21.12. - La Victoria, Bonn
31.12. - tba, Bonn

Stay Knifte!

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