Donnerstag, 11. September 2014


There´s something Knifte wants to tell you, a hug from a normal person is like a big shit from knifte so feel honored bitches!

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

App Game Info

Do ever wanted to fly on a fat farting lady? No problem in the new "Knifte in Poopland" game/app!

coming soon....

Stay KNIFTE bitches!

Mittwoch, 30. April 2014


Hey bitches & snitches...we´re working on the game every day and we put all of our brainshit in it. Be prepared for the worst and addictive poop game of all time! There will be goats and shemales crossing your way...keep your anal ammo ready! Stay Knifte & check the site for more information in the next days. 

Ah yeah and fuck off....xoxo Knifte