Dienstag, 30. April 2013

I hate pupils

Tuesday brain-shit!!!
I would love to explain this picture to you, but i can´t :D

My mind is a mess these days...but that´s good for Knifte!

Stay K!

Montag, 29. April 2013

Ghetto Bali Boy

My man Friedel aka Holiday Schmandt is going nuts in Indonesia and met this guy, bali represent! :D
How you´re doing fine and you didn´t get shot after taking this picture dude, the Knifte family is growing and growing all over the world!!!

Stay Knifte Bitches!!!!!!!

Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

the first sunny day

Some impressions from my last saturday... the most important thing in life is family! second is Knifte ;)

Mittwoch, 24. April 2013


What a great weather to grab your ca....OH you don´t have a canoe?
Alright here´s a little hint for you from Knifte:
"Hey guys, what should i say, just poop yourself a canoe! But be sure to eat enough, otherwise you´ll get a very small poo-canoe that didn´t swim well. Stay Knifte bitches!"

Freitag, 19. April 2013

Silibil & Brains Album Artwork

Here´s the album artwork i did for the silibil&brains album coming out on 22th of july!!!!!
And the BBC documentary about their story also comes out this year....i postet the trailer down below!
I will do a lot of merch for them and this is not the only project this year, 2013 is going to get heavy!

I love their music, no lil wayne & usher shit, just real hip hop and no bumper car music!
Check their page for music, videos & other stuff!

And for all don´t know who Silibil & Brains is, watch the trailer of their BBC Documentary:

Stay Knifte and have great weekend everyone!!!! Keep drinking!

Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Working, working & working ...

It´s a little bit quiet here cause i have to work a lot on new projects, but i can´t show you too much that´s the problem. I´m working with FUCCA on a whole new tshirt concept where is everything handmade and each shirt is totally unique and on the other side i have a project running with Silibil from Silibil&Brains so don´t think i didn´t stay knifte! You will see what i mean in the next months, trust me!

Here´s a little sketch i did for one of the projects...

Stay KNIFTE Bitches, just one day and it´s weekend-time = beer-time!

Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Bee yourself

Everyone knows that feeling when got diarrhea and you just want to fly away but then a cloud appears and piss right in your flight way! Just a normal day in the life of a meth addict bee...

Stay Knifte and go outside watch some bees!

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Eyescream and friends

If you got shitty icecream that looks like a ugly mess what can you do to sell it?
Just put eyes on it made out of sugar and let it become monsters...
Great idea to make something boring become unique!

This ideas are inspiring me to the fullest, when i come to barcelona again i will definitely visit this shop and taste this shit :D

Check it out!

Montag, 15. April 2013

Fuck Money

What a weekend, i spent the whole sunny sunday in bed with the worst headaches ever and puking.
I think i might drank something bad the night before but that´s life :D

I printed some fake euro´s and put double-sided duct tape on the back, then put it on the ground and watch people try to grab it...it was hilarious :D Keep the child in you and keep pranking!

Stay Knifte and a nice sunny week!

Freitag, 12. April 2013

Ice-cream Van Beethoven

He spitted the hardest lines since "milli vanilli"!!!
Shout outs and respect to the guy from my hometown Bonn, YOLO!!!!

By the way, it´s weekend so you know what to do i hope!!
Stay Knifte bitches...

XOXO Kniftegirl

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

Do your own thing

I´ll give you some wisdom words on this thursday to think about, i think it´s importend to do what makes you happy! Not just go to work every morning and complaining about your shitty job, you have enough freetime to do what you love and maybe someday you earn your money with what you love doing. Don´t sit around complaining! Do your own thing, it´s possible if you put your heart & passion in it!

So stay Knifte! cause that´s what knifte stands for...to do what you love!

Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Good News

I´m working on the cover artwork for the new Silibil&Brains album which will come out this summer,
they had their world premier with "the great hip hop hoax" in texas at the sxsw festival this year. A documentary of their unbelieveable story...watch the trailer here:

It´s gonna be awesome, i can´t show the artwork yet but i will keep you in touch with everything!
Stay Knifte and spread the word bitches!

xoxo gossip knift

Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Streetart in germany

The big bad Knifte Paste-up i did, appears on the "Streetart in Germany" page, Nice ;)

Visit the page:
Streetart in germany (Knifte)

or just take a look here

Montag, 8. April 2013

Please hold the line...

...please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line.......please hold the line....you´re up next....please hold the line....

Waiting music:

Freitag, 5. April 2013

Friday Gang signs

Here´s the weekend bitches!!!
So just a little info from me for you if you going out tonight, it´s better to understand the gang signs you see on the streets. Here´s a little info graphic, i think "Knifte" is the most dangerous cause they may not kill you but they poop in your face and say it´s good for your skin!

So stay Knifte and watch out!!!

Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

Knift Morrison

After visiting the grave of Jim Morrison i decided to make a Knifte tribute.
I think this will work good on a big poster...

Only one day and the weekend is back folks!!!
Stay Knifte and keep tagging the city with the stickers ;)

Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Uncle Knifte

Uncle Knifte wants you to join the Knifte Gang! NOW!!!
Pull his finger and become a Knifte soldier...

Stay Knifte bitches!!!

Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Knifte vs cashpoint

Knifte wanted to get some cash for some hookers & beer, but the cashpoint confiscated the black card from knifte and i think you can all imagine what has happened next!

Just look at the picture and let your imagination flow ;)

Stay Knifte and be poo-pared for the worst!


A little Knifte Dubbing only interesting fpr the german knifte fans ;)